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Film. Games. Trailers. Advertising.

I’m a Film, Game, Trailer, and Advertising composer based in Luxembourg.

I grew up teaching myself to play various instruments, playing in bands and releasing records. At University I studied music production, signed with an independent publisher and began producing for other artists and eventually, tinkering with film.

I quickly became fascinated with the symbiotic relationship between motion pictures and music. I decided to go back to study after working in the music industry for a few years. I completed my master’s in Music and Sound for Film and Games in 2021. I’m now focused on building my career in music for motion pictures.

I love the collaborative process of working with other storytellers toward one vision. I think music for visuals is such an exciting aspect to storytelling as every unique story requires a unique sonic palette to go with it. Exploring sonics in this way to support a narrative full of emotion is both challenging and a lot of fun.